Hello world- we’ve finally done it

So, yes!! I’ve finally done it. I’ve been deliberating over the world of blogging for sometime. In particular when encountering good or bad experiences, when buying a product, hiring a service or rather more trickily when faced with a new behaviour, more often or not unannounced! Always double the stress or fun!(However you view things)

My name is Victoria Taylor, and I am almost 30 years old. Like many mothers, I battle with my weight, to keep my pre-multiple figure (completely gone) but I continue to try. I also have a love for all things double, multiple and generally outside of the numeral one!! Second to being a mummy, I have a strong passion and have enjoyed many professional years within Travel and Tourism; I am a qualified Marketeer and Travel advisor. During my professional years on the media circuit, I was lucky to have crossed paths with the blogging world on more than one occasion.

So, you ask why start to blog now? My reply is simple. When looking back over the years,(and they have flown by). Aside from catalogues of images, the ‘odd’ Facebook update and the ever mounting pile of receipts; Reminding me of the new ‘post twin’ (many useless) but sometimes crucial purchases I’ve made. Of course, not to mention the memories, but how much more enriched they will be when shared with a group of friends or fellow families- thats you!

I wanted to create this space to recall, document and share my incredible journey. Voice my experiences and ensure that if I have encountered anything positive or negative. Be it with products, services or behaviour, I will share with other families of multiples.  As with many family blogs, I will ensure that all reviews be given with a no nonsense, practical approach  and endeavour to share any hints, tips or pieces of relevant research I find along the way. Our Twins Like, aims to tackle issues from buggy size to which educational toy suits your budget, from healthcare products to travel reviews, above all,  this blog is here to show families that although life can be hectic with twins, it’s still pretty amazing. It has evolved over time and now I look forward to sharing all of my experiences here with you!!

So allow me to build you a picture of how different my boys are, I am sure you are aware very seldom (if ever) do you find multiples with similar or exact personality traits. Mine are a first class example of this

DSCF0675   DSCF0611

Twin1 – O

Born weighing a bouncy 8lbs, being named the ‘big twin’ ironically is now the smaller twin. Athletic in build and mentality.

Dinosaurs, superheros, running, cheese and Diego top super O’s favourite things, having started school last September O finds academic work challenging, more specifically concentration on any activity outside of sports, arts or having fun!

O is incredibly cheeky, has bounds of energy and has more friends than even my phone book can keep tabs of!

DSCF0610         DSCF0631

Twin2 – A

Born weighing 6 lbs 11oz, being named the wise twin and sleeping through since day 15 Twin A is ‘the placid’ one but rub him the wrong way and heaven help us all!!

Butterflies, nature and bizarrely politics top A’s favourite things, a natural food lover he is now the larger, taller of the two. He is highly sensitive to being a twin and often enjoys comparing what brother has vs what he may have. Known to be advanced within his academics, enjoys pushing, questioning and challenging theories.

Generally A is super easy, happy and easy to deal with the majority of the time, gives in to O when necessary (another MUST with twins) but if you push him too far or cross the wrong argument. A is determined and ready to beat us at any argument!

SO this is us, welcome and feel free to share and comment