The best things in life are free;But where has our imagination got to?

So, who would have guessed that when looking for something to do on a mid-Wednesday afternoon (some prep involved- IE remembering to KEEP the holders). That single-handedly with some ‘loo’ roll and kitchen towel inners I could create utter twin harmony. Better still for over an hour – yes OVER an hour. Oh, and not to mention ponder over wherever did OUR imagination go?

IMG_1703                           IMG_1708

The boys are continuously looking for things to do, and I am always looking for ways to keep my cool without them charging at each other or creating twin mayhem! So recently, we have been paying closer attention to our recycling ethics, and I had noticed the amount of loo roll and kitchen towel we use each week. It is horrendous!

It set me into mummy mode, looking for a new uses for these inners. Please don’t have me down as a domestic queen, as I am by no means an upcycling goddess nor do I sit front row within the local craft club. But, I do enjoy spending quality time with the boys and crafts is an ideal project to keep them both focused.
So, here go’s my trick to harmony

I gathered around six tubes, five craft safety scissors, white card, sellotape, tissue paper and some gems (for the sparkle in things)

firstly I divided the contents equally, to save the peace in the house

I then set aside one of the three that they had for a group activity towards the end of their play.

They both sat bolt upright, waiting for my signal. I step back, almost like in a race and say Go! they are off, as the Lego movie suggests these boys are master builders and enjoy exploring their imagination.

(here comes my favorite part) I leave them to enjoy their freedom of safety scissors and card for around 15 minutes taking a back seat and watching on

O, almost immediately cuts straight down the middle, beginning to fold eagerly. Almost as though working with an instruction manual. After a short while Mum he says “look, a bird.”

Across the carpet, A is still sat looking at his materials, deep in thought. Mum, he says. “I want to make a rocket” so he sets about carefully planning how he will make the rocket.

The plan of a rocket gave me their ‘twin building activity’ great inspiration. But, while watching them a deeper train of thought began. “what ever happened to MY imagination”. I look back at the inner tubes, craft safety scissors and now mounting pile of paper and pause. You know what I saw ….. Yup, you guessed it, not a space rocket OR a bird but the MESS!!! Meanwhile, they are happily zooming their new ‘rockets around, and I smile almost in admiration of their fun!!

IMG_1710                            IMG_1709

I head back to that thought, one of fun and imagination, and I remember a time, a time when I was posing for primary school photos. I remember when a day in my life seemed so important, so defining, that to this day, those days are engraved. But where? And why? How is it that a 24-hour period can be remembered for 25 years, and my thirty years can be summed up with memories that wouldn’t even fill an hour? When I was young, even in Secondary School, I lived for the day. I didn’t always have fun; that’s for sure. Too busy nursing a supposed broken heart or dilemma of acne. But I always recognized the importance of the day. I lived it, I experienced it, I cried about it, screamed about it, but whatever I did, I did it with gusto. Where has it gone? Is it commitment, work, BILLS or then I thought when was the last time I picked something up and saw it from a different perspective?. For example the loo roll holders, the washing machine, the mess!

I shake off my deep thought and head back to the boy’s imagination games! Right, I announce shall we make a rocket! The boy’s face’s lit with joy.

We spent the next half an hour placing together various pieces of paper and tissue to make a basic rocket. The boys LOVED IT and me too what an incredible hour of reflection. Who knows, I may even start to put the fun or imagination back into the simple things in life, we lose sight very quickly the essence of childhood !!



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