Yes world, we really are twins and 4 other annoying or strange questions asked!!!

Starting this blog, raised many questions for me and the most important one being what will be my ‘first’ blog subject? Spending much of my evening divided between celebrating that finally the site is live and the remainder how to purge my thoughts to paper. I began to think, what were the most bizarre and often crazy or plain silly questions we have been asked over the years? So here go our top 5

Position  5 – Are they Identical or  how do you tell them apart?
One question frequently on the lips of non-multiple parents. How do we tell them apart? Well, it’s simple – sometimes we don’t; However, Often when we do, it is  because we are parents just like every other ‘non-multiple’ parent. I promise its not because we’ve been sent from Mars.

Often when out we get stopped by people we’ve never met. They have a look of excitement. Like kids in a candy store, rushing in our direction; ‘are they twins they ask? We reply with a smile, yes. The boys stare blankly and smile (almost as perfected as me) as the adrenaline rush dips they start to feel embarrassed and slightly awkward, they continue are they identical? Sometimes with the lack of sleep and bickering (another well-known twin blip) we move on frustrated with a grumbling ‘no’ and, of course, the obligatory pleasantry of ‘bye now’, wondering. How couldn’t this person tell they are clearly NOT identical? (conventionally totally acceptable, not to know) Other times, my chest grows to epic proportions. I extend in height and smile, NO! I reply politely and enthusiastically, ready to offer the next piece of trivia on twins.I am reminded and am proud of how interesting and different our world is. Even though a multiple mummy I am not immune to the candy shop feeling when I see other sets of twins rushing over to ask that question ‘are they twins’. However, in doing so, I wait for a pause and drop, with pride that I too am a fully paid up member of ‘that club’. With a glance of admiration and in true secret club style, we part our separate ways, with a glint in our eye knowing our kids are special and that our lives will never be the same again.
Position 4 – Which one is older?

This one follows on from another question such as oh!! are they twins? And almost always comes during the anti-climax of adrenaline people who approach you feel when over the initial excitement and general phenomena that. Yes, they are twins! A question that hangs me every time, feeling like a well-rehearsed student ready to crack under exam pressure. I pause nervously (hoping to get the answer right)and reply, ‘this one’ and when feeling uber social I continue with a running commentary of birth weights and vital statistics sometimes even temperament. I must confess this question gets me every time, as we tend NOT to make this a point in our house? Again, the labelling of twins isn’t favoured amongst multiple parents especially with the already rife competition they feel. So why does the world seem to care so much? Does birth order or difference in weight size or shape really have any relevance to twins? Scientifically There has always been a lot of interest in the study of birth order and its impact on society. Certainly, throughout history, there have been occasions when determining a child’s placement in the family was of utmost importance. The birthright of firstborns meant an opportunity to inherit family fortunes, even entire kingdoms, along with the burden of responsibility for the remaining family members.
Position 3- Are their twins in your family?

Well, aside from the set you’re looking at sorry to disappoint but no, that being said we are yet to trace back to William the Conqueror so will keep you posted. Again, there is much to report on the maternal/paternal line some of the more common of these are

But do twins really run in families? That’s probably one of the most widely perpetuated myths about multiples. While some families do seem to have an abundance of multiple births, it’s often more a coincidence than a connection.

Is there a Twin Gene? or Do Twins skip a generation? Of the factors that influence multiple births, there is only one that could be identified as genetic or explained by family history: hyper ovulation. Hyper Ovulation is a process to release multiple eggs during ovulation, increasing the chances of conceiving dizygotic (or fraternal) twins. So, in families where the women have a gene for hyperovulation, genetics would sufficiently explain an increased presence of fraternal twins.

However, only women ovulate. So the connection is only valid on the mother’s side of the family. While men can carry the gene and pass it on to their daughters, a family history of twins doesn’t make them any more likely to have twins themselves.

What About Identical Twins?
Although some theories and research suggest, there is no established connection between genetics and monozygotic (identical) twinning. Scientists haven’t identified and confirmed a clear cause for monozygotic twinning, which occurs when a fertilized egg splits and develops into two (or more) embryos.

Position 2- Plan and simple Are they twin?

So I finally made it out the house; the babies fast asleep. Me fully dressed, a bag that can almost be described as a weekend bag packed for a walk to the park or a trip to the VERY local express shop. (who knows when we may need a special ‘twin tool) and less than a minute or two into the walk comes that growingly familiar yet strange voice. ‘wow’ I look up, and they continue in a loud and excited voice ‘are they.’ they pause as if for me to complete the question and begin to nod. Finally, they say it ‘are they twins.’ With little to no adult interaction for the past 4 hours, I decide to grimace and reply with what must be an obvious ‘fake’ smile. So, what is it with people asking? I somewhat understand in more recent years, where their individuality has taken hold, and they dress separately and have a visible height difference. However, when pushing half a truck down the road with TWO car seats and TWO matching blankets and on further inspection TWO blue coordinating outfits. I question if I can be the only sane one at 10:01 following a night of NO (literarily) sleep. I assumed that the answer to this is  pretty self-evident?

And the chart topper

Position 1 –  Are they IVF or Natural?

Was it IVF? Seriously I think this is a VERY personal question that people no matter where they were schooled should ask a complete stranger AKA me! Firstly, there seems to be an underlying tone that if it was IVF, it’s somehow less noteworthy.  Secondly, it’s kinda none of their business how my babies were conceived. Although for the record they came by complete surprise and were as some may say ‘Natural’


5 thoughts on “Yes world, we really are twins and 4 other annoying or strange questions asked!!!

  1. Hahahaha, love your post and I completely agree on everything. We aren’t 100% sure if our twins are identical, and I sometimes switch what I say when people ask. And yes to the last question–an extra little irritation for twin parents everywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lovely Rachel…You are still in the thick of it, thankfully or not at times we receive it less often and now get the dreaded oh you had them close together – sigh!!!
      Look forward to reading your blog


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