Beautiful poem for Twin boys- this is so true

So, having dropped the boys off to school I have returned to my desk and wondered how could I sum the twins up in just a few words or even a poem. Cheeky, fun, energetic even, but that hardly makes for a good read and not being gifted by word myself I took to the net for inspiration. After all, if it’s not broke don’t fix it! Here is a beautiful poem written by Michelle Salazar. Hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Being a twin is not always easy
Why is everyone so blind?
I may look like my brother,
But I am one of a kind.

I want to be noticed
For the person that’s me.
My brother is special too,
Why can’t we both be?

We don’t like the same things
We don’t always agree
We are two individuals
Brother and Me.

We don’t mean to be rivals
Just friends and brothers
Unique and separate spirits
Defending each other.

We share much in common
It’s easy to see-
I am not my brother
And he is not me.

Family Friend Poems


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