Gulp, I’ve joined that club- but guess what I feel great!!! Thank you Slimming World

So, exactly six days 11hours and 34 minutes ago (not that I’m counting) I joined Slimming World. Like many mums battling the post-pregnancy bulge (5 years on I must add), I have tried every diet in the book… From A right through to Z and back up again. NONE of which offered me a long-term fix to my obvious phycological attachment to food, so within days the weight came right back. Yup and you guessed it; it brought friends too.

I have an obsession with junk, and I needed to break it. I trailed the net to find a solution. “how to lose weight quick diet” yes folks, I did google it and up popped!

The Jelly diet, The egg diet, the starvation diet (all of which consist of exactly what is typed). Closely hitting 30, these things just won’t do. Nor will causing myself health risks or worse (in my mind) causing the children embarrassment at the school gate for being; “the chubby mummy”.Gulp!

Just a week or so ago I saw a fellow mum at the school, passing by me almost dancing to her car. I had to do a double-take; she looked fantastic.
Her jeans were sagging off her, clearly deflated body. I ran over to investigate how this had been achieved, and I had only shifted a pound or less on the Jelly diet/ egg diet or whatever else took my fancy. You look great I say. Marvellous mummy goes on to tell me she had joined Slimming World around four weeks ago, and she felt amazing (well that’s great). But I think to myself what are you ACTUALLY doing, she then goes on to tell me she’s eating ALL the time – naturally my mouth begins to salivate, and my ears prick up. Of course, I knew of SW but didn’t realise the limitless restrictions they have on so many foods versus other long-term diets.

Feeling determined, I headed straight to my car and googled SW groups in the local area and found a class that was happening the next week. So, I decided I was going to join this I feel fantastic club and that’s what I did last Friday.
Diet-Day, GuLLPPP!!!
I found the class welcoming, and warm with a bright and cheery consultant who seemed full of passion for food and genuinely wanted to help. I sat down for the intro meeting, where the various foods I could eat in limitless supply. Mainly lean meats, fish, eggs, 0% yoghurts, Potatoes and this is by no means an extensive list.
In addition to this, and to overcome the phycology of diets. There is a set allowance of aptly named ‘sins’ that you can consume on a daily basis – I hear the words crisps, Chocolates and many other of my favourite things and feel enthusiastic to SWOT my new book .

I spent over an hour with the group and was given a comprehensive pack filled with plans, suggested recipes and a food diary helping you to get to grips with what you really eat. (and yes, the cheeky biscuits need to list too)
The Cost
The membership and first weeks weigh-in cost £10 and £4.95 there after which for the length of session including a group discussion and recipe share seems great value given the result.

I weigh in tomorrow; oddly I haven’t caved in as with the Jelly diet and the egg diet but I have been eating LOADS, so am unsure how I could have lost weight. My days have consisted of eating tonnes of veg, meat and fruits with Muller Lights being crowned as a life saver and using my sin allowance as and when.


I did some research on the net and this evening I had a craving for something naughty. I googled sinless treats and up popped sin free pancakes,

Eyes wide, I press print and rush to the kitchen and here go’s the recipe

eggs (separated)

Low Cal Sweetener (powder, less than 5 cal)

Vanilla Essence



Fry Lite (buttery)


Separate the eggs

Whisk the white of the egg until frothy (not stiff) add a dash of vanilla essence and teaspoon of low cal sweetener.

Drop in the egg yolk and give a light stir

Next, squirt the pan generously and heat. pour small amounts of the mixture in the pan and cook, flip after 40 secs/ 1 min

Et Viola!!! my sin free pancakes!! the mix allows to make 4 pancakes, I insert strawberries and bananas between the layers.

On top of the last pancake, I drizzle Muller light yoghurt with chocolate shavings and also add a spoonful of Total 0%

Et Viola
Et Viola
layer of fruit
layer of fruit


Ok, so versus the everyday flour-based pancake. It’s a no-brainer, these fall second place
Seeing that these are healthy and have no impact on sins they are great and fixed me up for my sweet tooth!

I even tried them on the kids, and they received a mixed review, probably a no for the kids but a 100% YES again and again for me!!!
Give them a go and let me know, I will update you on the progress tomorrow


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