5 perks of raising twins- through my eyes and ones for the CV


Ok, so seeing as it is Friday I thought I would put the positivity back into my “Twingdom” and have decided to round up my top 5 perks of raising twins

1-They become excellent sharers


This, of course, does not mean that they want to share. We find that this rule is particularly true of each other, but they at least understand the concept of sharing. if not the full-fledged practice of doing so with each other but they are great at school with other kids. That’s the beauty of direct competition and having two develop social skills at the exact same age. Think of it as a forced conscientiousness that the world doesn’t always revolve around them

2-Award winning people skills


Parents of twins are subject to routine invasions of privacy. Everyone from the checkout in Tesco to the lady in the Starbucks line will quiz you about your fertility journey, ask whether your children are identical, and tell a story about twins they know. People will regularly ask questions including (but certainly not limited to): Did you breastfeed? How much weight did you gain? see my blog earlier in the week for more of this but a new skill I can add to my CV

3-Time management skills like a CEO of a multi national


This sounds crazy, I know. With two little ones constantly demanding your attention, there are many days where you may not find much time to yourself. So how does that fit with the title? Well that’s easy, when you do get the time to yourself albeit a minute, ten or an hour you have become an efficiency machine and doing only what you love during your “off-hours.” You embrace the art of planning your free time so you don’t waste a second of it.


4- Guilt free and plain ole simple NO!


If you’re anything like me and the kind of person who routinely over-commits or has trouble turning down social engagements or saying no, there’s nothing like a batch of twins to cure your inability to say “no.” Parents of twins (or at least we did) learn to pick and choose what their family is capable of achieving and which events they can reasonably attend.

5- Noise pollution, what’s that !


Whining, crying, squabbling, viruses — we’ve faced double the dose of all of these. At some point we thought to ourselves you just have to throw in the towel and let a new (angelic) tolerance take over. I considered my boys’ “first year alive” my free pass to heaven .

Happy Friday people


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