Are you having twins or more? early symptoms

Could you be carrying two or even three this pregnancy

Top 5 symptoms when having twins

Since I started the blog I have been thinking back to my pregnancy (yes shock horror!) I wondered at which point did I know that something was different? Simple just like you (if you have had or discovered you’re having) I NEVER. However, I found out that I was having twins early on in the pregnancy around six weeks. (Mainly owing to the non-stop head in bowl loo visits !!!) Once I had the exciting and believe my surprising news, I hit to the web, visited twin groups and got as much information as possible on pregnancy with twins and multiples. Here go my top 5 symptoms you’re having twins or more

Fatigue, fatigue and yes did I mention fatigue,

Now I know that early pregnancy symptoms include fatigue/tiredness, However, this was pure and simple exhaustion. For example, I could not move from my bed for seven days flat. I had to call in sick to work, please do not picture sofa rest with a cosy blanket and TV remote. This was literally not moving from bed.

Please, someone pass me that bowl or bag or anything just quick!!!

We are talking excessive morning sickness, totally not fun but again, extremely common as a twin pregnancy symptom, probably related to the increase in hormones. There are also the lucky few when carrying twins who don’t but me presumably spent most of the first two months with my head well acquainted with the toilet bowl

Seriously have you been supersizing at every meal?

Otherwise known as measuring big for dates, I remember at just ten weeks even with the sickness my tum had swollen hugely, and I promise the eating for three promise hadn’t kicked in JUST yet

Hypersensitive to everything

Both my feelings and my senses were massively heightened, I recall commuting into town and sitting beside a poor passenger. Unlucky for me I could guess all of the yesterday’s dinner and I can assure you not the usual suspect who would clear a carriage. This guy was a run of the mill business exc clean and showered on the way to work. I recall numerous times whereby I would burst into floods and floods of tears for no reason.

Time to get technical

Elevated HCG Levels This is the pregnancy hormone that home pregnancy tests will detect ( human chorionic gonadotropin). It is detectable in your ‘pee’ around ten days after conceiving and increases quickly, reaching its highest point at around ten weeks into the pregnancy. Doctors will consider an elevated level of HCG to be a possible twin pregnancy symptom. The raised level was the reason I had an early scan matched with the non-stop vomiting; the Dr told me that the HCG levels should double within 24 hour’s mine quadruplet


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