Toys that actually work for twins and thier sharing

I was always getting frustrated by the amount of toys the boys had and vowed to reduce those they never used or if they did they would seldom be returned to their special place mummy selected.

I began the brave and gruelling task of clearing out the boys playroom and sought their toys into five piles. Day to day fun, individual and together, educational, rainy day (for a variety) and charity.

From this sorting process, I have listed their top five play together toys that have bucked the traditional twin trend of bickering during play
5: Build – a – Bear dress up

The boys adore playing ‘dress up’ with their bears. We have four build a bear, bear’s and they’ve built quite a collection of clothes for the bears to wear. Ranging from Spiderman to football dressing up suits with everything available from the build a bear shop or online, prices vary with Boots £5.50 to full suits £14.00 and everything in between.

They play with the bears for around an hour each time, they cooperate with each other and help one another recreating their favourite themes. The boys sometimes put on a small show or play after they’ve dressed them, another firm favourite is a teddy bears picnic.

Build a bear have a new range of bears based on Marvel themed characters including Hulk and Iron Man

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4: Colouring and drawing
Simple isn’t it? We find that the boys play so well when armed with a colouring book each and a set of pens. The key to making this harmonious is to ensure that the boys have a set of colours each and a book each. Although we often find them collaborating on things from time to time. Always when you’ve NOT got an important card to send to grandma.

3: Hexbug Nano

We discovered these by a parent buying the boys a set for their birthday, once we opened the set the boys were pleased that the set came with two bugs. (I would recommend buying an extra couple for choice) The set required some help from me as the joining pieces are quite delicate. Otherwise, the boys enjoyed racing their bugs and watching them battle. The great thing about Hexbugs is the design which allows for any of the sets to be joined up, and they offer excellent value for money. The extra special pieces can be a tad more pricey but worth it for the entertainment such as the twister piece. Prices start on the official website from £12.99 for a starter set. I have seen many half price offers in various toy stores.


2: Scalextric
We were given a ‘My first Scalextric set by a friend and never did I imagine the boys would enjoy it as much as they do! They spend over an hour a session whizzing around the race track and its great for parents to be involved too.. I was surprised by how much fun I had when watching them race and when I raced the winner the pride they felt. I have decided this summer I will replace this set by the larger more advanced set. I definitely think that the My First set is a necessary step towards the more advanced set, I think that from my research the racer.

My first Scalextric is priced at £34.99 on the official website with sets costing as much as £500 this can really become quite a hobby amongst boys and adults alike.

1: Monopoly Junior

We purchased this game for Christmas, looking for a game that as a family we could all play without a meltdown or argument from the boys. I must confess I was a tad sceptical that they would enjoy the game or sit still long enough to understand the rules least of all play the game. However, unlike the original Monopoly, the rules are much simpler. With each player being given 16 M dollars  and with a mandatory purchase rule in place it really is as simple as roll the dice count your spaces and hand over the cash either to buy or as rent. The boys immediately loved collecting the rent and even enjoyed deciding who the winner was at the end, the rules are fair and easy to follow. I would recommend this game to anyone who has older or younger children and are looking for a way to entertain the whole family. In summary Monopoly is a genius board game for children and adults alike, with the game, creating the perfect relaxing and fun family dynamic one would expect when settling down for a board game.


Monopoly retails at £12.99 from a range of stockists

this review has been conducted purely on toys that we have purchased ourselves and are an honest reflection of the boys favourite things.


6 thoughts on “Toys that actually work for twins and thier sharing

  1. It’s a difficult one isn’t it? You’re so right about having two of things, in some instances!! My twins have got certain toys that absolutely belong to them — and them alone. They don’t have to share them and — even at 2 years old — the other twin knows that that toy is out of bounds.

    But definitely other toys, it’s great to have double of. Although one of my boys is a total hoarder and it doesn’t matter how many we have, he’ll still try and take all of them and leave his brother with none!!! Maybe this will change as they get older! It’s great to hear your perspective — perhaps you’d like to read my Twinterview series? I’ve been asking twin mamas to answer some questions on their experiences. I’d love you to join in!

    Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro |


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