some kids are more accident prone- fact or not !!!

On such a newsworthy day, whether you are following the stars and astrology or are busy celebrating ‘International Happiness Day’ (who invents these things). Today as day’s go is pretty feel good awesome! Packed to the rafters with fun social media stories and lighthearted news reports on where saw the best solar eclipse (non-event in our town).


I have chosen the topic of accident prone children and to test proof that there are lucky ones who are just born more accident prone than others.


This post has been prompted by a call from the boys school today, knowing immediately which of the boys it was for. I braced myself for the news on the fall, hit or trip ‘damage’. Closing my eyes I say ‘hello’ the teaching assistant replies “hello good afternoon” (as cheery as she could) immediately she launched into the mandatory, nothing to worry about, BUT. I wince further, but manage a simple ‘yes’. She continues “O has just had a little accident, whereby another child has tripped and fallen on him.” she stresses by mistake and continues…..
“O has fallen quite badly on his face.” Alarm bells begin to ring in my mind so out pops “ok” as the reply from me, encouraging the teacher to continue. ” We have applied an ice pack; he seems fine, and we shall keep an eye. We wanted you to know so there are no surprises when you collect this afternoon”. I thank the assistant for letting me know and for preparing me for the ‘surprise’ this afternoon. BUT, when off the phone I remember I seem to have a surprise a week with this boy and always a nasty one generally being hit, having tripped or fallen. Whereas with his bro NEVER a call and seldom any issues to report at all, it raised the question; are there such things as accident prone kids!!


The Evidence (in house)

The boys have obviously grown up with the same parents, the same home and exactly the same ‘hazards’. It just seems that one of the two seems much closely acquainted with falls, trips and bumps than the other. Yes, sure he is the more outgoing, adventurous of the two but O, really? In the past term alone I have received five calls re O and his adventures vs. zero with A here go’s my list of O’s top 5
1: Bump on the forehead – we are talking a golf ball size
When O was 18 months old, he and his bro were racing up and down the passageway. However, on the third race back his bro A decided to yank his hood and then let go, to catapult his brother into the corner of the door frame. It was an awful scare; we had to call a paramedic out. All was fine, and we were thankfully discharged within an hour or so.
2: Fellow Toddler bite to his face- I mean a chunk of cheek

Sure O had the roundest cutest of cheeks. However, during a rare moment of twin harmony and peace we were all playing on the rug within a toddler stay and play session. Happily minding our own business another ‘kid’ came along and took the hardest bite into my poor little fellows cheek. Off we went to the local ‘drop in surgery’ again all was fine but why my O
3. Bat in the face at school- yes a plastic bat hit at him

So one of my five calls from the school was to inform me that another child had hit O in the face with a bat- Yes you heard me correct. A completely unprovoked act of pre-school randomness, we had a shiner to show for this one.

4. Bead up the nose – yup this happened too

O, A and I were decorating Christmas ornaments for the house, we were using the usual crafty stuff including decorating beads. O, decided to sneak off into the corner to check if one of these beads would fit inside his nostril. We did on the up side pick up a pretty nifty tip if this was ever to happen again.

We were told to cover the unblocked nostril with a finger, ask O to open his mouth and for me to take a hard blow inside his mouth. I was totally skeptical. But bobs your uncle out it flew!! I hope you take note of this one
5. walked into a glass patio door- yup people still do this

We had just arrived into our beach fronted villa in Saint Petersburg, Florida. When O went charging straight through the villa to the beach view patio. Cool he said rushing to step onto the white sands. As soon as I saw what was about to happen. Bang, he had run straight into the door. Beautiful little bump on the head !!
Thankfully none of his accidents have been serious but with many other small trips I take to research for the answer of if there are truly such as name for regular trips or blunders as accident prone
The Experts

After reviewing the results of 79 studies which recorded the mishaps and misfortunes of nearly 150,000 people from 15 countries, researchers at the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands found that accident-prone people do actually exist. In fact, one out of every 29 people has a 50 percent or higher chance of having an accident than the rest of us.

“Meta-analysis … of the general population revealed that accidents cluster in individuals and that this clustering is higher than the clustering one would expect by chance alone,” the researchers concluded in their 2007 study, published in Accident Analysis and Prevention.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t identify what was responsible for all the bruises, bumps and broken bones, although another study conducted by the University of Delaware offers enticing clues.

The study used neurocognitive tests regularly administered to athletes to measure brain processes like visual and spatial skills and reaction time before and after an injury, in this case, a “non-contact” knee injury, such as one resulting from an error in coordination as opposed to one caused by being tackled. When the test scores of 80 athletes who had injured themselves were compared against 80 athletes who had remained injury-free, researchers discovered something interesting.

“We found that the group that had injured themselves had slower reaction time, they had slower processing speeds and their visual/spatial skills were not as good as the other group,” says Dr. Buz Swanik, associate professor of health, nutrition and exercise sciences at the University of Delaware.


So mixed expert opinions and research, it does, however, seem to have some truth behind some people being more inclined to go ‘bump’ but why is it a slower reaction time? The desire to be first with everything so rushing everywhere? Or just bad luck that accidents happen in small clusters. I know one thing for sure, I just hope he will hurry up and grow out of it!!!

Do you have an accident prone little one please share x


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