About me and us !!

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So, having the news of twins – wow ! is the first remarks, how cool, we wish we had twins. However, when it approaches you it’s a shock especially when you were yet to plan a family. The news that you are expecting as joyful and incredible as it is it took me by complete surprise.

We knew life would be different. But, understanding how different is another story, my whole world turned around. Going from regular fitness regimes and spa weekends with the girls to stacks of nappies and formula tucked in every direction, poor eating habits and a sense of loneliness. Five years on and having the elation and war wounds to show for our journey. I feel we are on the other side and have almost ‘expert’ status when it comes to ‘good’ twin buys and, of course, bad ones too. I have set this blog up to help families navigate the world of duos and more. With the sound and honest advice, I will give on products and services I have encountered. We aim to tackle a range of experiences from birth to teen with the trusted support of other twin mothers offering opinions on what works and what doesn’t.

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Our Twins Like will give an insightful peek into the life of my twins A &O (Twin 1 &2). Known on many occasions as the cheeky one, the calm one, the one that looks like mom and the one that looks like dad. Yes, we understand the world likes to label things, so much more when being multiple parents and for the sake of the blog and non-multiple parents. How do we tell them apart? its simple – Sometimes we don’t! They are our kids just like any others. They make me smile, they make me cry they’ve changed my status with the bank but most of all they have completed me!  Welcome to my world


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