some kids are more accident prone- fact or not !!!

On such a newsworthy day, whether you are following the stars and astrology or are busy celebrating ‘International Happiness Day’ (who invents these things). Today as day’s go is pretty feel good awesome! Packed to the rafters with fun social media stories and lighthearted news reports on where saw the best solar eclipse (non-event in our town).


I have chosen the topic of accident prone children and to test proof that there are lucky ones who are just born more accident prone than others.

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Toys that actually work for twins and thier sharing

I was always getting frustrated by the amount of toys the boys had and vowed to reduce those they never used or if they did they would seldom be returned to their special place mummy selected.

I began the brave and gruelling task of clearing out the boys playroom and sought their toys into five piles. Day to day fun, individual and together, educational, rainy day (for a variety) and charity.

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Are you having twins or more? early symptoms

Could you be carrying two or even three this pregnancy

Top 5 symptoms when having twins

Since I started the blog I have been thinking back to my pregnancy (yes shock horror!) I wondered at which point did I know that something was different? Simple just like you (if you have had or discovered you’re having) I NEVER. However, I found out that I was having twins early on in the pregnancy around six weeks. (Mainly owing to the non-stop head in bowl loo visits !!!) Once I had the exciting and believe my surprising news, I hit to the web, visited twin groups and got as much information as possible on pregnancy with twins and multiples. Here go my top 5 symptoms you’re having twins or more

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